About the Company

Jethro International, Inc. was established in the year 1999. We import, manufacture and distribute firearms, parts, ammunition, and ammunition accessories, both wholesale and retail. We have a sister company, Solid Firepower Trading, a single proprietorship, owned by Jose Dionisio, who is the Chairman of the Board of Jethro International Inc. Solid Firepower Trading is engaged in the same line of business, except for the shooting ranges.

Jethro “the Jet” Dionisio started shooting at the tender age of 14 in 1996. He became the National Champion in 1987 and started competing internationally. In 1990, he became the World Speed Shooting Champion, in the competition known as the “Steel Challenge,” held in Lake Piru, California, USA. He was the youngest ever and first Asian to win the title. He was starting to make a name in the shooting world, so his family decided to put up a business in line with shooting.

For two consecutive years, 1992 and 1993, “the Jet” won the Steel Challenge Championship again, the first to win a back-to-back championship. He was also the champion of the “American Handgunner World Shoot Off” for three consecutive years.

In 1991, Jethro Indoor Shooting Club, Inc. was established. The company aims to promote shooting as a sport in the Philippines with the goal of making its members aware of the basics in safe gun handling and imparting techniques in practical shooting.

In order to better serve our increasing number of members, we ventured into the trading of firearm parts and accessories, as well as the loading and reloading of ammunition business. Thus the establishment of Jethro Trading International in 1993. After a year, the company also ventured into importation of firearms to meet the demands of the growing number of gun enthusiasts. In the year 1999, Jethro International Inc. was formed.

Service to our members is of utmost importance to us so we formed another company in 1995, Jethro Custom Pistolsmithing. We customize and repair pistols for our members and shooters at the range for their convenience.

The company then ventured into manufacturing of firearm parts and accessories, in the year 2004. We now have a product line called “Jethro Custom”. We sell our locally manufactured products under this label.

Shooting as a sport is fast gaining popularity in the Philippines. It is our vision to have a “one stop shop” place for our shooters and members. A place where one can practice and hone their skills in the shooting range and avail themselves of all their shooting needs and services under one roof.

Jethro started from a very humble beginning with family members and barely ten people running the business. We now have around fifty people under our employ. Presently, we have two indoor shooting ranges and one outdoor shooting range throughout the Philippines. We also have separate magazines for powders and primers safely located 100 kilometers away from Metro Manila.