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He is the fastest steel shooter alive today. Nobody will argue with Jethro T. Dionisio's impressive championship record that includes three Steel Challenge (World Speed Shooting Championship) crowns (1990, 1992, 1993) and three World Shoot-off Championships (1993, 1994, 1995). His six world titles stand as the most dazzling string of world shooting championships in the 1990s.

In an action world traditionally dominated by shooters from the U.S.A., Jethro is the only non-American who has made it into the elite circle of world-class shooting champions. He walks confidently on the same playing field as Rob Leatham, Jerry Barnhart, Doug Koenig, Micky Fowler and John Pride.

But it is his youth that sets him apart from the rest of the world's best. He's eleven years younger than Rob Leatham and thirteen years younger than Jerry Barnhart. Jethro was only fifteen when he won his first national championship in the Philippines and seventeen years old when he won his first of many world championships.

Most of Jethro's adolescent years were spent on the shooting race-tracks of the world. While most kids were playing teenage games, the youthful Jethro was shooting for the world records. His father, Joe Dionisio, was always by his side orchestrating their every move. Every Jethro Dionisio championship is a Joe Dionisio championship because Joe is the moving spirit behind the success of the Jet. "We are inter-dependent of each other," Joe says. And their teamwork has yielded great success.

The working relationship between Joe and Jethro, however, is one that's not easy to fathom. As Jethro's coach, Joe pushes his prodigy to the hardest physical and mental limits necessary to win world championships. As Jethro's father, he aspires to place his son on a career path that would cement the young man's fiscal and personal success in the years to come. Their mixed roles are not always compatible. Joe says, "we've been shooting together for a long time, but Jethro has grown-up and he now wants to make his own decisions."

Is Jethro ready to set out on his own? Is Joe ready to let him go? Jet's doting father says, "Sure, I would like to see him go on his own." But Jethro's coach is holding him back, "I'll never be convinced that the time will ever be right for me to let him go."

Jethro has done a lot of maturing in the last two years. The many championship battles he has won has toughened him and made him one of the most formidable opponents in the competition shooting circuit. At the young age of 23, Jethro Dionisio has etched his name in the annals of modern competition shooting.

Jethro's best shooting is still to come and more championships loom big in his future. Joe dreams of the day when his son can become the best shooter in history. It will be a tough row to hoe, but Jethro has youth and exuberance on his side and something else. He has inherited Joe Dionisio's heart and passionate desire for winning. And that, by itself, is a guarantee for success.

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Track Record & Awards

Practical Shooting Record

Steel Challenge
World Speed Shooting
California, USA
World Champion
1990, 1992, 1993
American Handgunner
World Shoot-off Championship
Colorado, USA
World Champion
1993, 1994, 1995
1st Runner-up
World Shoot XII
Cebu, Philippines
Champion – Open Division – Team
3rd Place – Open Division – Individual
October 1999
World Shoot XVI
Rhodes, Greece
Bronze Standard Division – Team Event 2011
East Java Championship
Champion Standard Division – Individual
2012, November 10
Australasia Handgun Championship
Rotorua, New Zealand
Champion – Standard Division – Individual
Champion – Standard Division – Team
Bacolod – Silay
Champion – Standard Division
2013, August 9
2013 PPSA National Manny Pacquiao Cup
Champion – Standard Division
2013, December 5
Senator Bong Bong Marcos Cup
Champion – Standard Division
2013, December 11
Iskandar Shoot 2014
Champion – Standard Division
2014, April 12
Magnus Team Davao Cup
Champion – Standard Division
2014, May 8
CSAFP Cup 2014
Champion – Standard Division
2014, July 3
14th Demetrio Bolo Tuason Cup
Champion – Standard Division
2014, July 24
2014 PPSA Nationals
Gov. Teng Magudadatu Cup
Champion – Standard Division
2014, August 29
Silay 2014 Philippines
Champion – Standard Division
2014, September 18
Sixth Extreme Euro Open 24
Znojmo, Czech Republic
Champion – Standard Division – Individual
Champion – Standard Division – Team / Event
2014, May 29 – 31
Phuket IPSC Handgun Championship 2015
Champion – Standard Division – Individual
2015, March 21
Baltic Storm 2015
Champion –Standard Division – Individual
2015, May 23
Extreme Euro Open 2015
Znojmo, Czech Republic
2nd – Standard Division – Individual
2015, June 4
PPSA Nationals 2015 Marcos Cup
Marikina, Philippines
Champion – Standard Division – Individual
2015, September 9
Jack Enrile Cup 2015
Champion – Standard – Division
2015, November 26
Thailand IPSC 30yrs. Anniversary Championship
Champion – Standard Division
2015, December 10
Eurasia Extreme Open 2016
Ekaterinburg, Russia
Silver – Standard Division
2016, July 21
Australasia Championship
Surabaya, Indonesia
Champion – Standard Division
2016, August 28
Asia Pacific IPSC Handguard Championship 2016
Champion – Classic Division
2016, December 10
2017 South Luzon Handguard Championship
Bataan, Philippines
Champion – Classic Division
2017, April 27
IX CZ Extreme Euro Open 2017
Znojmo, Czech Republic
Champion – Classic Division
2017, June 18
III Eurasia Extreme Open 2017
Ekaterinburg, Russia
Champion – Classic Division
2017, July 20
XVIII World Shoot
Chateauroux, France
Bronze – Classic Division
2017, August 27
IX CZ Extreme Euro Open 2018
Znojmo, Czech Republic
2nd – Classic Division
2018, June 18
Infinity Open 2019
Phillipsburg, Germany
Champion – Classic Division
2019, June 09
IX CZ xtreme Euro Open 2019
Znojmo, Czech Republic
Champion – Classic Division
2019, June 18

Trap/Clay Shooting Record

XXI Sea Games
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Silver Medalist
September 2001
XXII Sea Games
Hanoi, Vietnam
Gold Medalist – Team
December 2003
Asian Clay Shooting Championships
Bangkok, Thailand
Silver Medalist
August 2002
Asian Games
Individual and Team Trap Shooting
Busan, Korea
Bronze Medalist – Individual
Bronze Medalist – Team
September 2002
Olympic Games
Athens, Greece
August 2004
Southeast Asian Shooting Association (SEASA)
Trap Shooting Competition
Subang, Malaysia
Gold Medalist – Team
November 2013
Profile: Jethro Dionisio

Awards & Recognitions

Sports Communicators Organization of the Philippines (SCOOP)
Athlete of the Year
December 1993
Major Award for Practical Shooting
December 1994
Philippine Sportswriter's Association
Nominee for Athlete of the Year
Major Award for Practical Shooting
December 1993
Citation for Trap Shooting
January 2003
University of Sto. Thomas
Benavidez Awardee
December 1993
Quezon City Local Government
Community Outstanding Young Achievers (COYA)
Major Award for Sports
March 1994
The Association of Firearms and Ammunition Dealers (AFAD) Plaque of Recognition for Practical Shooting
April 1994, April 2001
UST Most Oustanding Alumni
September 2004
Civil Security Group (PNP) Plaque of Recognition
November 2013

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